Austvision “IGU” wall system

In recent years much emphasis has been placed on energy conservation, people comfort, low maintenance and energy efficient, high performance glazing products.
Historically insulating glass, or double glazing, has been proven to have a high degree of energy efficiency compared to the single pane glass window unit.
Insulating glass units (IGU) provide many advantages over
the single glazed unit. Improving the degree of comfort in
winter and summer as well as providing sound insulation from outside noise and U.V. protection – all this while saving on fuel bills.
The advent of structural glass glazing has been driven by architects and designers. Frameless glass point supported glass facades for buildings was developed and subsequently the point supported insulating glass unit for frameless glass systems was born.
Austvision have developed and tested a point supported Insulated Glass Unit which has been suitably integrated into a suspended glass system (Glass Fin and Tension Truss) and a mullion system used as the supporting structure where the gaps between the glass panels are sealed by silicone.