DHD International is proud to offer the “Austvision point supported structural glass wall system by Metro Frameless Glass”.
The Austvsion TM point supported glass wall systems have been successfully used for 30 years for structural glass facades backed by ISO 9002 quality and Austfix engineering.
The Austvision engineering and design team can assist architects and designers to create the most original and user friendly glass facades. Glass facades with the highest concern “leed” environmental design and individual comfort.
Austvision spider fittings are manufactured using lost wax castings methods. All fittings are 316 marine grade stainless steel with tensile strength of 600 MPa and are available in satin or polished finishes.
The trend in recent years has been to design glass facades with higher energy efficiency and conservation. Facades with low maintenance and greater emphasis on the comfort of the inhabitants of their buildings. This has been achieved by the incorporation of performance glass coatings or laminated glass. These glass products can be easily incorporated into the Austvision point supported structural glass facades.